The Anti-Bullying Campaign's mission is to give a voice to students who suffer from harassment, assault, and bullying and provide hope to victims and their families.



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The Anti-Bullying Campaign works with grass-root supporters, teachers, school administrations, and elected officials to protect those who are being harrased, assaulted, bullied, intervene with those who are bullying, and empower bystanders. 

Local ABC events are a great way to meet people in your community and play a role in the important work being done to advocate for children who feel like they are voiceless due to harrasment, assault, and bullying.  

We provide various programs for teachers and administrators, parents and their children, and those who find themselves harrased, assaulted, bullying, being bullied, bully-victims, and bystanders.

Be a part of the change, be engaged, and get involved to help kids beat harrasment, assault, and bullying! Volunteer or participate in a local event and use your time to make a difference by supporting ABC and the kids we represent.